4 Risks Of Getting Mail-In Orthodontic Aligners

Mail-in aligner companies have risen to fame, not because of the affordability and results they provide, but because of the countless problems they’ve been causing patients. Although similar in appearance to the same ClearCorrect trays you get from your dentist, mail-in aligners lack much of the professional oversight and detailed treatment planning necessary to achieve safe, proven results. Read on to learn about four risks you’ll be taking if you choose mail-in aligners over professional orthodontic treatment.

Little-to-No Professional Supervision Over Treatment

From the impressions to follow-ups, mail-in aligner programs are predominantly patient-powered in the fact that you’ll be responsible for doing some of the most important steps of the process yourself. Not only is this not the safest, as you’re not a trained dental professional, but it can also lead to ill-fitting aligners and arising oral health problems.

With ClearCorrect aligners, the entire treatment from beginning-to-end will be supervised by a trained dentist and dental professionals, including one of the most crucial moments of your treatment, which is the capturing of digital oral impressions which will be used to make your trays.

Worsening Oral Health & Orthodontic Issues

Countless patients have experienced adverse impacts on their oral health due to mail-in orthodontic aligners, ranging from the development of gum disease to tooth loss and other costly complications. Although you may save a little money up-front by choosing a mail-in treatment program, this can cost you thousands of dollars down the road if it doesn’t pan out the way you hoped.

One-Size-Fits-All Treatment When Aligner’s Aren’t Always the Answer

Mail-in aligner programs treat every person that reaches out to them as a good candidate for the treatment. However, that’s simply not the case. While these appliances can help address mild to moderate cases of bite misalignment, crowding, and gapped teeth, more severe orthodontic issues may be better helped with traditional braces. This can only be determined by a trained dental professional.

No Consultation or Pre-Treatment Evaluation

Your mail-in aligner journey likely won’t start with a consultation or evaluation from a dental professional, which is a big red flag because no two smiles are the same. In order to determine key details of your treatment, like how many trays you’ll need and how long it will take, you’ll need to first have your mouth examined. This can make you vulnerable to experiencing dental issues throughout your journey, ultimately costing you more than investing in tried-and-true orthodontic aligners from a professional from the start.

About the Author

Dr. Gregory Palmer has over a decade of experience practicing dentistry. He’s passionate about helping his patients find a new sense of self-confidence through providing custom-tailored ClearCorrect and Invisalign orthodontic treatments. He also uses the latest technology, including a digital impression system and digital X-ray imaging. For questions or to schedule a consultation, visit Palmer Dental Group of Houston’s website or call 713-589-5988.

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