Zoom Teeth Whitening in Houston, TX

Although you may enjoy coffee, tea, tomatoes, berries, or tobacco, they are some of the most common causes of teeth stains and discoloration. Palmer Dental Group of Houston offers an effective solution for individuals seeking to brighten their teeth with Philips Zoom whitening treatments in Houston, TX. As a popular choice for in-office teeth whitening, Dr. Palmer is happy to perform both Philips Zoom QuickPro and WhiteSpeed. Based on your concerns, time available, and budget, Dr. Palmer can help you choose the Zoom whitening treatment that is best for you. Dr. Palmer also offers Zoom take-home whitening treatments to enhance or maintain your Zoom in-office procedure.

Whether you select WhiteSpeed or QuickPro, you should schedule your whitening treatment to follow your biannual professional cleaning at Palmer Dental Group of Houston. This will remove plaque and tartar so the whitening treatment is evenly applied to your teeth. As soon as your teeth are clean and dry, your mouth and gums will be covered before the process starts. For Zoom QuickPro, the enamel is coated with a layer of whitening varnish, followed by a protective sealant. After every tooth has been treated, you may go home. After about 30 minutes, you can brush your teeth to remove the varnish.

For WhiteSpeed, a whitening gel will be applied to your enamel. As soon as your teeth are coated, a light will be used to accelerate the whitening process. This will be repeated three times for a total treatment time of about 45 minutes. The excess gel will be cleaned from the teeth before a post-treatment gel is used to minimize sensitivity and strengthen your teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening provides many perks for Houston, TX individuals seeking a fast and effective solution for a more dazzling smile. The advantages of teeth whitening include:

  • Quick treatment that lasts approximately 30 – 45 minutes
  • A brighter smile can help boost your confidence
  • Results can last for more than a year with proper maintenance
  • The strength of the procedure can be adjusted to meet your unique goals
  • Teeth can become up to eight shades lighter in a single session
  • Zoom treatments commonly lead to less tooth and gum irritability than other whitening approaches

Dr. Palmer has a gentle touch, is incredibly personable and kind. His hygienist does the BEST job at cleaning teeth. I virtually walked out and thought I'd had a Zoom Whitening. This is a family business and they treat patients as such!

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Don't waste your time and money on messy store-bought teeth whiteners. Schedule an appointment at Palmer Dental Group of Houston to find out if Zoom teeth whitening can help you reach your smile goals. Dr. Palmer will review your options and the treatment process before developing your personalized Zoom teeth whitening plan with in-office and/or home treatments. Contact us in Houston, TX to get a healthier, brighter smile.

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